Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A note from my friend Lee Kernaghan, (Australian Man of the Year)

This note is from my good friend and student Lee Kernaghan and I wanted to share it with you.

 Dearest Renee,

How good it is to hear from you. I am currently flying over the outback on my way to start a tour in South Australia. You know I think about you so often, come to think of it just about every time I sing!!…You have helped me so much and I have only just scraped the surface of all you have to offer. All is going well out here and I hope you will be making another visit in the not too distant future…the seafood is as good as ever in fact I had some cold prawns with lemon juice at a party in Sydney recently and I think they were the best I’ve ever had.

You are probably hearing from young up and coming Australian artists every now and then. I try and send the ones with potential your way whenever possible. I recently took on a mentorship role for Toyota Starmaker. It is the biggest country music star search in Australia. I won it many years ago so to did another one of your students Keith Urban. The 2014 winner is Jared Porter and if it’s ok with you I will give him you
r contact details so he can set up a lesson when he travels to Nashville in June. There is another young country boy Damian Agius who I think could benefit greatly from your tuition. He’s only 19 but with the right songs  and a few more years under his belt I think he can do very well.

Well my plane is on descent into Adelaide. Sending my best and lots of love from me and Robby.
Lee x

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