Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rebecca Lynn Howard and I talk about about her song "Forgive"

Rebecca Lynn Howard came in today to work with me for the first time. We had a great time, she's a wonderful singer. Her hit song "Forgive" is one of my all-time favorites. Watch this video of our interview then watch her music video "Forgive" below.

Now watch Rebecca Lynn Howard's Video Forgive

Friday, August 16, 2013

I was a guest on "TheMusicBox"

Last night National Recording Artist TanyaDallas-Lewis interviewed me for her show "TheMusicBox." I had a great time.  

This Week on "TheMusicBox" w/ National Recording Artist TanyaDallas-Lewis! Meet Celebrity Vocal Coach Renee Grant-Williams!

Before Miley was "Hannah", before Keith, Tim, Faith, Martina and the Dixie Chicks were household names, they knew Renee Grant-Williams very well. You see, she doesn't just work with the stars, she helps CREATE them!

If you are a SINGER--- or know someone who wants to be--- plan to EAT YOUR DINNER with US this Thursday at 8pm EST! I'll bring the cornbread and the salad dressing! Is Rasberry Vinagrette ok? =) Logic Da' Teacha will be on hand to demonstrate a vocal warm-up [oh Lord!] ;-)
-Tanya, Stellar Award Nominated Recording Artist

Lovely note from Leslie Regenold

I was very touched by this lovely note from former student Leslie Regenol.

 I was thinking about Renee and you this morning. Could you please
tell Renee that I think of her often, because of the difference that
she made in my life, and the lives of many students that I teach now.

I was going through a bad time, when I saw Renee for a few lessons.
Just a few lessons, but they made a huge difference in my musical
(vocal) approach.

I was working on songwriting at the time, with a background in
music composition.  (I have a degree in that.)

A small town in Missouri, (I still live in Ar..right on the edge!)
had a sudden opening for their music teacher...(for the entire school.)
and they hired me.

This is my third year and I because certified (I wasn't certified) in
instrumental music k-12 (what I studied in college) And
vocal music k-12 (RENEE). 

I have wonderful students (about 150) that I never would have
had the confidence to teach (vocally especially)  if it hadn't been
for Renee..   I think about what I learned from Renee in a very short
period of time, and realize that it was extremely important in helping
me with a teaching style now.

I haven't given up writing, just focusing on this for a while.
While I work every week-day now I still have hopes of having another
lesson with Renee eventually when there is time.   We are off
to a busy start here, but hopefully when there is a break, I will
call you all!!

I hope that you and Renee are doing well, and consider you both
friends.  Please relay this message to Renee, and tell her that I think
of her in friendship and with greatest appreciation.

Renee's musical influence apparently extends very far...and it is
definately extending here, where I am.   I encourage my students
to dream and think big when it comes to music!

I wanted to tell you what I was thinking about this morning and
hope that you two are just doing great.

with fondness and appreciation,
Leslie Regenold

Friday, August 9, 2013

Paul Worley quote about Renee Grant-Williams

"I recommend all aspiring artists learn Renee’s tricks of the
trade as early as possible." ~ Paul Worley, world famed
producer of some of my students including Band Perry,
Martina McBride and The Dixie Chicks.

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Use consonants at the end of a word to add emphasis or a little zing.
When Faith Hill and I worked together on the song “This Kiss”, she was not
really comfortable with the song. She especially did not like the “this kiss” part.
However, when I got her to go early to the S of both words and hold
them out, the song took on new life. She recorded the song and you
know the “resssst of the story.” Why do you think that solution worked?

Monday, August 5, 2013

This is just plain funny!

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